Common Questions About VA Financing

What is the maximum sales price I can purchase with no down payment?

There is no maximum purchase price however there is a maximum loan amount based on what county you live in

What type of property can I purchase ? 

Any owner occupied single family or multi-family property up to 4 units including condominiums and PUD’s.

Are VA loans assumable? 

Yes, with VA approval

How can I obtain a Certificate of Eligibility?

Susquehanna Lending Group can request and obtain your Certificate of Eligibility for you

How long will it take to close my VA loan?

Susquehanna lending has streamlined the application and processing to ensure the quickest possible closing on your VA loan. Our average VA loan closes in 30 days.

What if I used my eligibility before?

VA allows multiple uses of you VA loan benefit as long as you have the entitlement available